Here's what our customers have to say:
"Great family business, highly recommend !"
— Brian Gill
"We met with Thom more than a year ago to discuss installing a transponder capable of ADS-B in and out.  All of the instruments and radios in our airplane were either original from the 70s or over 20 years old.  We were ignorant about the newer electronics available and Thom spent quite a bit of time educating us on various combinations of Garmin instruments that may serve our wants and needs.  We wanted to upgrade some but not all of our panel, but also didn't want to waste money on certain equipment now that will be wasted in the future if we upgrade the panel further.  Thom helped us strike that balance.  We are VERY happy with Thom's shop's work, their integrity, their communications with us before, during, and after the work.  It's been a great experience and we would highly recommend them."
— Janice Franks
"For my money and for my situation (e.g. a legacy autopilot in a retrofitted glass cockpit) there is no one better. He's not cheap but quality rarely is. He will take the time necessary to follow your issue to its conclusion. Recommended without hesitation."
— Peter Sloan
"I can’t say enough good things about Thom and his entire team. Excellent communicators, excellent service, excellent work, and an excellent story involving a sensationally folded one dollar bill. This shop will be the first call for my avionics work from here forward."
— Richard Moscardelli
Thom was very helpful, honest, and thorough. There were no hidden costs and everything was completed very quickly. I can't thank Thom enough for working me in to his busy schedule for a very intricate battery replacement. Even after my visit Thom called to check up and make sure everything was working well. Top quality service. Thanks again Thom.
— 911 Adventures
"I wasn't so sure about his 41 google reviews and all 5 stars...I figured something was off. However after working with him on my Aspen ProMax1000 upgrade, I now get it. Thom is a rock solid guy and knows his stuff. He will do whatever is right to make sure your plane is exactly how you want it. My only complaint is that the word is getting out about him so any project is at least six months out.."
— Boise Crawfords
"WOW! The best service and competency in the industry. Thom and his crew installed dual G-5's last year and followed up with new GTN750xi this past month. Work was accomplished expertly with no squawks. Integration with my S-Tec 60-2 autopilot in my Bonanza Debonair was seamless. If you want the best installation right the first time, then Thom Duncan Avionics will deliver." 
— Henry Feldhaus
"Thom and his crew did an incredible job for me in my 1964 Mooney! Professional, efficient, and cost effective. I felt well-cared-for and trust them completely. ** Upgrade to new Aspen! And it is FINE! They know what they're doing."
— Michael Drew Shelley
"Excellent experience with Thom and his crew. We had him do an Aspen PFD install and general panel cleanup in our Piper Cheyenne, it was done with precision and quality."
— Steve Lefferts
"Thom and his crew did a fantastic job with my Cherokee with new avionics! It was so pleasant to have someone that was honest and fixed it all correctly the first time. Thom was very transparent on everything and communicated very well! I will always take any aircraft to Thom Duncan!" 
— Marshall Davidson
"Thom and his crew did an incredible job for me in my 1964 Mooney! Professional, efficient, and cost effective. I felt well-cared-for and trust them completely. Upgraded to new Aspen! And it is FINE! They know what they're doing. Happy to share my experience with anyone who wants first-hand reporting."
— Drew & Shannon Shelley
"Thom and his crew are awesome! He got my comms working top notch and helped me with a few burnt out dash panel lights. He was able to squeeze me in and get it done quickly. He also got me the best price on parts and shipping! You won’t go wrong having him and his crew work on your aircraft."
— Bunnie Ambrose
"Great avionics upgrade, service, and warranty. Friendly staff and airport facilities. Very comfortable leaving my aircraft with the shop." 
— Steven Campbell
"Highly recommend Thom Duncan Avionics. My first experience was yesterday. He personally replaced and calibrated a TSO's PAI700 compass and calibrated it. He then calibrated my dual Aspen PFD/MFD 1000s for directionality, very accurately according to the GNS 430W GPS."
— Sidney Hoyt
“The Thom Duncan Avionics team delivered what they said they would do on time and under budget. Thanks again, guys. I highly recommend giving Thom a chance if you’re looking for an avionics shop.”
— Douglas R. McIntosh
“Thom is an outstanding technician with incredible customer service skills. Would, gladly, recommend Thom Duncan Avionics to any pilot!”
— Russell Betcher
“Excellent service—5 stars for sure. I had a problem with the ads-b downlink on my RV. Thom and his staff corrected the problem, which required additional wiring behind the panel, in one morning. Pricing was reasonable and most importantly: "It was done right the first time".
— Gene Wells
"What makes Thom Duncan Avionics stand out in avionics?

Thom and his entire team will take the time to review all of your issues. Then, discuss all of the options.

Before the work on my airplane, Thom must have spent at least two hours on the phone going over my onboard avionics. We discussed software issues and updates. Hardware recalls and warranty coverages. I needed the pitot-static system checked and the ELT battery replaced. I wanted to have the ability to select the flight director display to either single cue or duel cue at the pilot's discretion on my GFC 500. His team also updated some software that required updating.

I Flew in at 7:50 a.m., and the work was all completed by 1 p.m.

Call ahead if you are thinking of using him. His schedule fills up. I highly recommend Thom Duncan Aviation."
— Michael Piampiano
"Was having issues with a tail beacon ads-b. THOM and team were able to quickly troubleshoot the issue and work with the manufacturer to get me a replacement. The work was done quickly and the best part was everything they told me they would do was accurate. Additionally, they performed a VFR pitot static check on my airplane. These are great people and I’m so glad I found them."
— Patrick
"Thom Duncan has avionics in his blood. You talk, he listens and responds with what YOU need, NOT what he needs to sell you! A first class, straight shooting, knowledgeable gentleman. 5 star all the way! "
— Mike Brown
"Thom has helped me out twice now. This is a highly competent shop who also doesn't mind explaining things to us, speaking for myself, dumb pilots."
— T. Metz
"Thom offers quality repairs and installs at fair prices. In my experience, he delivers on time as promised."
— Kevin B.