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We install new and used equipment using most major avionics brands.
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We run diagnostics and troubleshoot to identify and fix problems with your aircraft systems.
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We work hard to make sure it’s right the first time.

Safety is on the line, we make sure
to get it right the first time.


Who We Are

Thom Duncan Avionics is committed to providing professional care of your aircraft. We understand how critical it is to properly install your state-of-the-art avionics. We guarantee to install top-grade wiring and high-quality components. Our trusted technicians are industry professionals and work to get your avionics right the first time.

The Wright Brothers took flight in Kitty Hawk, North Carolina, on Dec 17, 1903. 115 years later, on the exact same day, Thom Duncan Avionics proudly opened for business.
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What We Do

We specialize in avionics installation and avionics maintenance. We also diagnose and troubleshoot select avionics radios and equipment.

Our professionals inspect all avionics systems of your aircraft relating to the work area we service. Should you need new or replacement equipment, we will gladly suggest the best product to suit your system. We offer capabilities to troubleshoot and service your system quickly, effectively, and at a competitive price. We have a combined 75 years’ experience to properly work your aircraft.

We put safety first, we make sure it’s right the first time.

Call us today for capabilities. Aspen Avionics, Genesys Aerosystems, Garmin International, PS Engineering, JP Instruments and many more.

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Our Process, from take-off to landing:

You’re calling because you want solutions to your problems, not more issues.
We get it right the first time.


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Call for scheduling your repair or installation.

If you’re looking for installation, we consult and put together a proposal.


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We put you on our schedule.

Our demand is high, so calling sooner would get you on our packed schedule quicker.


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We work on your aircraft to get it fixed right the first time, so you can get back to what you love.



“The Thom Duncan Avionics team delivered what they said they would do on time and under budget. Thanks again, guys. I highly recommend giving Thom a chance if you’re looking for an avionics shop.” — Douglas R. McIntosh, Facebook

“Thom is an outstanding technician with incredible customer service skills. Would, gladly, recommend Thom Duncan Avionics to any pilot!” — Russell Betcher, Facebook

“Excellent service—5 stars for sure. I had a problem with the ads-b downlink on my RV. Thom and his staff corrected the problem, which required additional wiring behind the panel, in one morning. Pricing was reasonable and most importantly: "It was done right the first time". — Gene Wells, Facebook

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